ACE – Classic Truck 44 Polished (Pair)

CHF 78.00



Ace 44 our Classic 2.125″ (52mm) tall truck. This is the size that is just now becoming a standard offering by others. Our Ace 44 allow you to do it all and excel! Whatever, wherever you are trying to grind, Ace 44’s will take you there with stability. Need some flick in your set-up? 44’s won’t slow you down!

Machine polished to a low lustre. Our polished finish trucks are the go-to choice when performance at no sacrifice is your goal


Axle width: 8.35″
Hanger width: 5.75″
Truck height: 2.125″ (52mm) Classic
Fits boards: 8.12-8.5″
Colour: Polished
Constructed from pure 7071 series aluminium
Heat-treated 3056 series steel axles

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