Korua – Cafe racer plus

CHF 779.00

Stands for additional quality and performance. By using the most premium materials we aim to build the best possible version of the classic Café Racer shape. We upgraded the base material, wood core, and top sheet to create a lighter, faster and more responsive version of our favorite soft boot carving board. It features a dynamic full carbon construction, super light bionic core design, stringer reinforced paulownia wood and the highest grade sintered base material. The CaféRacer Plus is a lightweight, which is an advantage when traveling or carrying on snow, but also makes it more reactive and prevents fatigue. This softboot carving board is ideal for tight turns when tearing up resort groomers. The full camber offers excellent grip from tip to tail and rides like a train on tracks. It handles the skills and turns of an experienced rider, and even though it is designed mainly for groomers, it can easily be taken off piste for some deep powder turns. We recommend riding this board with steep positive binding angles to prevent foot drag as well as a slightly narrower stance to let the board flex more naturally under your feet. If getting super low on your turns is what you care about most, this is the shape for you!

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