Sequoia Surfboards – CARLOS 6’2

CHF 429.00



Representing modern performance surfing, Carlos, mixes drive, speed and tight turns. Used in the WQS and developed by our riders in the heavy beach breaks of France, Carlos is perfect for everyday power surfing. A straight nose out line plus a shift foil, requested by Cavallini, guarantee speed out of carves and help landing BS air. Moderate rocker for connecting the dots and a speed surfing. Carlos can be chosen with thumb for more drive and squash for big spray. We use the best PU blanks in the market, the black wood stringer, lighter, stronger and whiter.

6’2 x 19 1/8 x 2 3/8
vol.: 29.5 L

Tail Shape: Squash
Construction: PePu
Wave Size: 1 – 4 m
Skill Level: Intermediate, Advance, Professional
Wave Type: All Types of Waves
Futures Fins System

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